Cold frame gardening in Edmonton

The earth is damp and aromatic with the rich scent of early spring. The day is unseasonably (unreasonably) warm—11 degrees at the very beginning of March—and that warmth is predicted to hold steady through the next week at least; it could very well be the end of the winter already. As the sun sinks into... Continue Reading →

Recipe: Extreme Green Soup

If you are low on vitamins or just need a quick hit of veggies (and seriously, who doesn’t), this is the soup for you. It’s totally unlike your average plain, boring vegetable soup: loaded with fresh flavours, savoury garlic, a spicy pepper edge and a velvety texture that comes from simply whisking flour with olive... Continue Reading →

Recipe: Faux-roccan Lamb & Chickpea Stew

A rock-hard tube of frozen ground lamb: not a common (or overly appealing) ingredient in my house; previously I’d only used it successfully in homemade ravioli. But a decent working knowledge of foreign cuisine is only a few Google searches away, and that’s exactly how this recipe came together: flipping through about a dozen different... Continue Reading →

Edible Insects

I was psyched; I was ready; I actually wanted to eat this cricket. So reads the first line of an article I wrote about edible insects for Vue. I want you to imagine eating a cricket, or a mealworm, or a beetle grub: I know you just flinched, or made a face, or squirmed involuntarily.... Continue Reading →

The Chocolate Issue

Humans have known that chocolate is awesome for millennia. This week's Vue is The Chocolate Issue. It was my first feature issue as Dish editor, and I think it turned out pretty well if I may say so myself. Which I can, because I just did. The main piece is a set of interviews with... Continue Reading →

How do you like them apples?

Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton is doing good things around town. The group, which started in 2009, has rescued countless pounds of fruit over the past five years. But there is so much more that could be saved - they need your help! I profiled OFRE for Vue this week, after stopping by the launch of... Continue Reading →

Yianni’s Backyard

When we found out Yianni was opening a restaurant two blocks from our house, my husband and I did a little happy dance. Yianni Psalios is a Greek restaurateur who founded a series of restaurants serving the best Greek food in Edmonton. If you don't believe me, go to Yianni's Backyard, his newest restaurant, and... Continue Reading →

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