The Shiraz Effect

I'm so fucking sick of Malbec. I've been fucking sick of Malbec for a while now; in fact I published the original version of "The Shiraz Effect" on my old blog back in 2010. As it turns out, five years later the Malbec craze is still going strong - and I'm still sick of it.... Continue Reading →

The Wine Epiphany

I have a confession to make: I never had a wine epiphany. No single bottle slapped me in the face and announced, "Nice of you to finally notice me. I will now dominate a large portion of your thoughts and income. Enjoy the journey, my friend." I cannot recall the full name and vintage of... Continue Reading →

Mega Purple? Mega No Thanks.

It was a shocking shade of purple and there was no way it was natural. Ever seen a wine that seemed to defy the laws of nature? Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon is one of them. It's not a wine I would ever purchase - not after seeing its ridiculous marketing campaign at the recent Rocky Mountain... Continue Reading →

Offbeat Wine Countries

An Israeli wine made the Wine Spectator Top 100 of 2014. Bet you didn't even know Israel made wine, did you? A little while ago I wrote a Vue wine column about a handful of wine countries that seem unusual to North Americans, but are worth checking out: Uruguay, Lebanon, China and India. I didn't... Continue Reading →

Benziger & Biodynamics

A ram’s horn filled with manure and buried under the full moon: it sounds like some kind of archaic ritual, but it’s actually a practice carried out by thousands of contemporary winemakers. Biodynamics is essentially organic agriculture with an esoteric twist. It is based on the theories of Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher who viewed... Continue Reading →

So you want to be a Sommelier?

When I tell people I’m a sommelier their typical reaction is usually one of both admiration and confusion. “A sommelier?” they ask. Then, “Wow! But what exactly does that mean?” (There was also that memorable time one of my father's co-workers asked him, baffled, if I was adopted. Yeah, he thought dad had said "Somalian."... Continue Reading →

Wine Movie Reviews: from Sideways to SOMM

I've been marathoning wine movies over the last couple weeks and decided to write some capsule reviews of the better-known ones for this week's Vue column. Here are the expanded versions: Sideways (I just wrote an in-depth post comparing the movie and book versions of Sideways, but here's a summation of my thoughts.) Forever my... Continue Reading →

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