The Chocolate Issue

Humans have known that chocolate is awesome for millennia. This week's Vue is The Chocolate Issue. It was my first feature issue as Dish editor, and I think it turned out pretty well if I may say so myself. Which I can, because I just did. The main piece is a set of interviews with... Continue Reading →

Benziger & Biodynamics

A ram’s horn filled with manure and buried under the full moon: it sounds like some kind of archaic ritual, but it’s actually a practice carried out by thousands of contemporary winemakers. Biodynamics is essentially organic agriculture with an esoteric twist. It is based on the theories of Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher who viewed... Continue Reading →

So you want to be a Sommelier?

When I tell people I’m a sommelier their typical reaction is usually one of both admiration and confusion. “A sommelier?” they ask. Then, “Wow! But what exactly does that mean?” (There was also that memorable time one of my father's co-workers asked him, baffled, if I was adopted. Yeah, he thought dad had said "Somalian."... Continue Reading →

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