Click on the links below to view some of my recent writing credits.

The new business of farmers’ markets in Edmonton
Taproot; June 20, 2019

Ban bags or get better at garbage?
Taproot; September 6, 2017

Fluffy snow + high standards = a noisy Edmonton winter
Taproot; March 28, 2017

104th Street: Marquee area, mismatched market?
Taproot; February 28, 2017

South Edmonton’s surprising deer paradise
Taproot; September 8, 2016

Navigating the Journey Home
The Advocate; spring 2019
[PDF; story starts on pg. 23]

A Natural Fit: Social Workers in Constituency Offices
The Advocate; Spring 2018
[PDF; story starts on pg. 22]

Marni Panas: Her Own Journey
CARE Magazine; Winter 2018
[PDF; story starts on pg. 17]

Caring for Caregivers
CARE Magazine; Summer 2018
[PDF; story starts on pg. 8]

Space Race
The Yards; March 1, 2018

The Yimby Hero
The Yards; September 6, 2017

Made in Canada
Avenue Edmonton; May 30, 2018

The Price of Service
Avenue Edmonton; July 4, 2017

Fine Dining, Delivered
Avenue Edmonton; January 30, 2017

Edmonton’s benches you won’t sit on
Edmonton Quotient; October 9, 2017

Education background part of YouTube chef’s winning recipe
illuminate; November 28, 2017

‘Gala Salah’ flexes fundraising superpowers for Camp fYrefly
illuminate; May 8, 2017