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S01E01 Azimuth and the Importance of Arts in Edmonton

This week, Mel interviews Azimuth Theatre co-artistic producers, Vanessa Sabourin and Kristi Hansen, about Azimuth’s upcoming 2019-20 theatre season. We discuss their upcoming panel discussion and the season to come. Along the way, we talk about the role that art plays in society, whether consuming art can ever be apolitical, the #metoo movement and callout culture and how theatre is engaging with those, supportership vs. leadership, and more.

Show notes:

Azimuth Theatre website – season launch panel discussion Sept 16

Kaleido Family Arts Festival – Sept 13-15

Die-Nasty Soap-a-Thon – Sept 13-15

Mile Zero Dance-a-Thon – Sept 21

Vidalia – Sept 26

The Dancing Man video

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